Write 150 words (or more) about anything that you want to share about your experiences, thoughts(or lack thereof) that directly result from the COVID-19 pandemic and(or) the lockdown.

Tell us stories about -

  • your horrors or trauma as a front line worker, from ICU or as a survivor
  • how you love your pets, kids, yourself, parents, siblings, significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, relatives during this time or how you found love
  • the loved one(s) you lost, your breakup
  • stories of abuse, domestic violence, harassment, racial profiling
  • the difficulties of teaching and studying remotely and(or) online
  • the impracticality of assessments and online tests
  • your apprehensions & bravery as en essential worker (or someone close to you being one)
  • that essential worker who may not read this or write to us
  • that apprehensive trip to the supermarket
  • a kind gesture, a helpful stranger
  • that neighbour not respecting others personal space
  • the cities and circumstances you got stuck in
  • work from home anecdotes, and disasters
  • your job(or lackthereof), how you were fired
  • your anxiety, fears and ruined plans
  • the hard decisions you’ve had to make
  • your quarantine food adventures
  • how has lockdown changed your life
  • anything else you’d like to share with us

Send us poems or short stories(or both) in Hindi or English

Yes, you can submit as many as you want.